Website design in Lebanon, web development lebanon, Web design Companies

Web design in Lebanon, web design lebanon

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  1. Discover, Planning & Structuring

    We will go over your goals, understand your objectives, know more about your business, what you are passionate about, know more your clients, assessing your competition and what direction you want to take your business. Together we will create & Brainstorm ideas and useful sitemap that helps you to achieve your goals and generate more sales and traffic.

  2. Defenition & Design

    We will create the blueprint for your success, laying your site out in wireframe and crafting the user experience by providing your business 2 customized design options.

  3. Coding & Development

    Bringing the design to life. Coding and programing transform your design into a finished, dynamic, manageable responsive website that work perfectly in all modern web browsers, smart phones and tablets.

  4. Testing & Deployment

    Time to show your website to the world; After quality assurance and hard testing, we will set your project up for long-term success and your website will be submitted to all search engines. We will provide you all needed tools and trainings that allow you to manage and update your website in a very user-friendly way.

  5. Maintenance & Support

    Your website is live, we will be monitoring it, making sure it stays awesome and clean. Our team of experts is always available for any questions or requests you may need.

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